Monday, 5 December 2011

The secret to making a cupcake bouquet

I have finally discovered the secret to making a cupcake bouquet! After two failed attempts, I have finally mastered the secret to a cupcake bouquet. There are two key things needed to successfully produce a cupcake bouquet these are:
  1. Making sure the icing is not too dense but also not to runny; and
  2. Ensure the foam sphere is not too angular, i.e. not too steep.
If the icing is too dense, than by the natural forces of gravity, the icing will fall off the cupcake. Therefore, the icing must be somewhat runny, so that it is not too dense but also sticks to the cupcake. Similarly, the foam sphere must not be too angular, otherwise once again, by the natural forces of gravity, the icing will fall off the cupcake.

To hold the cupcakes in place, I used tooth picks. I pierced the foam sphere with tooth picks and stuck the cupcakes on top. I filled the gaps between the cupcakes with scrunch up tissue paper. The final product looked a little something like this:

Last week, I made five cupcake bouquets - three for Zachy’s school teachers and two for my colleagues. I thought the hardest part of making a cupcake bouquet was making it! But it turns out I was wrong, so very wrong. The hardest part is actually transporting the cupcake bouquets. After many attempts, I have discovered that the best way to transport cupcake bouquets is on the floor of the passenger seat with beach towels wrapped around each bouquet. Also, I used a few boxes to wedge the cupcake bouquets together. Here is a photo of how I transported the cupcakes. Yes, I took a photo of the passenger seat while driving, well not exactly, I was at a red light – so it does not count!

So did the cupcake bouquets make the trip? They certainly did. The beach towels and boxes did the trick.

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  1. Thank you So much, Im transporting 10 bouquets Mothers Day weekend! Wish Me Luck!!! Beautiful Picture!!