Sunday, 16 March 2014

More Disney Princess cupcakes ...

Another year, another set of Disney Princess cupcakes. This year for Mini Mousey's 6th birthday, she decided she wanted Disney Princess cupcakes again. But this time, she wanted Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, the characters from Disney's latest movie Frozen, to be a part of the collection. 

Being the obliging Aunty that I am (and by “obliging Aunty” I actually mean “push-over Aunty”), I agreed. Working on three hours sleep over two nights, I managed to whip up 30 Disney Princess cupcakes. 

Mini Mousey was stoked when I delivered the cupcakes to her class. You could simply not wipe the grin off her face. It almost made the lack of sleep worth it … almost!

Her favourite cupcakes were unsurprisingly, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. 

Happy birthday my Princess Mini Mousey! xx


  1. hola esta semana estoy realizando los ponq gracias al tutorial cuando los tenga listo espero queden tan lindos como los tuyos desde venezuela .. thanks for sharing your knowledge

  2. They look fantastic do you by chance have a pattern / stencil used for these beautiful cupcakes! :)

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  4. Hello! Beautiful job!

    I made your Elsa's cupcake.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Dafne - Brazil


  5. Thank you for sharing valuable information.