Friday, 8 March 2013

Cupcakes fit for a princess!

My little Mini Mousey turned five years old yesterday! She is a little pocket rocket - little person with a BIG personality. I love the little person that she has become, partly because she is a mini ME! She is a high maintenance girly girl that knows what she wants and is not afraid of dishing a bit of attitude when needed. She cracks me up on a regular basis!

Given that it was her birthday yesterday, we had (yes HAD) to bring cupcakes into her class to share with her classmates.  About a week ago, I had Mini Mousey choose which cupcake design she would like for the cupcakes she is to bring into her class to share with her friends. I was pleasantly surprised that she chose a simple design that we had made a few weeks ago, rainbow cupcakes!

Making these rainbow cupcakes is relatively easy because you basically don’t need to make too many toppers - huzzah. The only difficulty is getting your hands on the rainbow sour strap candy as not all supermarket stores stock it. But once you get your hands on the rainbow sour straps, you'll be laughing! Not literally, but most likely metaphorically.

So how do put the rainbow cupcakes together? Firstly, make some clouds out of white fondant. If you are feeling too lazy to make the cloud fondant topper, then just make some clouds out of mini white marshmallows. Once you have the clouds under control, bake the cupcake bases and ice the cupcakes with some blue icing (preferably pipe the icing on). Cut the rainbow sour straps in half or thirds, and stick each end into the icing. Make sure the rainbow sour strap form an even convex shape on top of the icing. Stick the clouds at each end of the rainbow sour strap and you’re done! If you want to go all out, sprinkle a few little white 100s and 1000s on top of the icing to resemble rain.   

So as you can imagine, I was thrilled when Mini Mousey wanted to bring in the rainbow cupcakes to share with her friends. However, in a state of delirious happiness this past Monday, I decided to show Mini Mousey some cool cupcake designs I saw on the internet of Disney Princess cupcakes. Her face lit up once she saw the Disney Princess cupcakes, she turned to me abruptly and said “Aunty Tina, I have to have these cupcakes! Can you PLEASE make them for me to bring into school for my friends?” How could I possibly say no to my Mini Mousey?! So as expected, I said yes, stayed up to 3AM on Wednesday night (or should I say Thursday morning) and made the Disney Princess cupcakes. Eight princess designs and twenty-five cupcakes in total!

Needless to say, Mini Mousey LOVED the cupcakes. She looked so chuffed when she saw them and even more chuffed when her classmates sang her happy birthday and enjoyed the cupcakes! 

Happy birthday Mini Mousey! I love you muchly!! xx

Also, special thanks to cupcakes_yuyu for the cupcake inspiration. 


  1. Hi how did you even start to know how to make these awesome disney princess cupcakes? My daughters birthday is a month away and after seven days of searching for ideas yours is the most beautiful cupcake design for princesses I could find. Can you help me make my daughters birthday special? Are the dresses made out of felt?
    Thanks Susie

    1. Hi SweetNY,

      I would be happy to help! I will put together a basic tutorial as to how to make a princess cupcake. I will aim to have the tutorial complete and uploaded in the next week or so.

      Thanks for the lovely complement!

      Tina @ Top the Cupcake

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait for the tutorial!

  3. Have you made the tutorial? My daughter saw these and refuses any other. I'd really like to see how they were made so she can have them for her birthday. Thanks

  4. This are so cute! Have looked everywhere to try and find the tutorial, but can't see it. I have my god daughters birthday in a week and she loves these cakes so would really like to make them. I know it's cheaky, but if you have done the tutorial, please could you email me ( so I can find it? Thank you so much in advance