Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cheater, cheater, compulsive eater

So it was Zachary’s birthday last month and his parents decided to have a very small family celebration for his birthday. As always I was appointed with the important role of organising the all-important birthday cake or cupcakes.

Being the bad Aunty Tina and the time poor person that I am, I simply ran out of time and didn’t make Zachary a cake or cupcakes. He had even put in a special request for “Octonauts” themed cupcakes too! On the day of Zachary’s birthday, I managed to get out of work an hour early (by “get out of work”, I actually mean, I sneaked out of work through the stairwell hoping that no one would notice).

On the drive over to my parental’s house, I decided that instead of arriving empty handed and potentially upsetting my favourite nephew on his birthday (FYI, he is my favourite nephew by default as he is my only nephew. Nevertheless, I do believe in favouritism and making the children fight for your affection. What?! I love being loved!). I decided to drive to Coles and buy the premade cupcakes and to cheat and make paper cupcake toppers instead of fondant edible toppers.

I madly rushed into Coles and picked up a packet of their premade mini cupcakes. They were dirt cheap too - $6 bucks for 12 mini cupcakes! I then madly rushed home to make the paper cupcake toppers. Basically, in a word document using the drawing tools, I drew a bubble cloud (not sure whether that is the correct terminology) in blue and inserted the Octonauts characters into the centre of each bubble cloud. I printed the images on the cardboard, cut them out and stuck a tooth pick on the back of each bubble cloud. 

When I got to my parental’s house, I was so nervous that Zachary would be able smell the baking infidelity seeping through my pores. But thankfully he didn’t. He was just simply excited to hear that I had “made” him special cupcakes. So yes, I lied to my little nephew. I had ripped off the Coles packaging on the drive over to my parental’s house. I did it for Zachary’s own good or at least that is what I tell myself in order to get to sleep at night!

When it came to cupcake time, I stuck the Octonauts toppers into the mini cupcakes and we were all good to go. Zachary didn’t even seem to notice that the toppers weren’t edible. He was just so excited that they were Octonauts themed! Who knew kids were so easy to please. It did make me wonder why I spent all those sleepless nights in the past making such intricate cupcake toppers for him given how pleased he was with the paper toppers that I whipped up in a matter of minutes!

The next day when I picked him up from school, the following conversation took place:
Z: “Aunty Tina did you make my Octonauts cupcakes?”
A T: “Of course I did monkey! Why do you ask?”
Z: “Did you put dirt into the cupcakes instead of chocolate by mistake? Because the cupcakes tasted a little bit like dirt!”

Ahhh kids, bless their honesty! I guess there is a reason why the Coles cupcakes are dirt cheap (excuse the pun). But in all fairness, unlike Zachary, I didn’t mind the Coles cupcakes! The icing was quite nice but the cupcake base was a little too dense for my liking. But not dirt tasting in the slightest.

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