Saturday, 21 April 2012

Secondly, I wanted to share this youtube link with you all: “Shit Perth People Say”.
Ok, disclaimer time. This blog post isn’t really cupcake related. It more an opportunity for me to indulged in self-loathing criticism in a public forum with a willing audience.

I made the above cupcake for two reasons. Firstly, despite what people who reside in Perth say, I really do love living in Perth. Yes, it may be “behind with the times” with no day light saving and short trading hours, but what we lack or should I say “lag”, we make up for in beautiful scenery and a great standard and pace of life.

Not only did this video make me giggle, but it also opened my eyes to something quite appalling. It pains me to admit this, but I say “yeah, nahhhhh”. I am not sure how or why I started to do this, but I am constantly catching myself saying it. I am not sure whether I am annoying others when I say it, but I sure as hell annoy myself when I do! What does “yeah, nahhhhh” even mean? I mean, it is a complete contradiction! Why would you say “yeah” to only then say “nahhhhh” a few seconds later?! It is crazy and I am a crazy person who constantly says it! So please, if you ever catch me saying “yeah, nahhhhh”, please do me a favour and slap me in the face because if you don't, I will!

Thank you in advance!

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