Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The search for the perfect cupcakes begins ...

I am absolutely fascinated by cupcakes! I adore those little iced spongy cakes whole heartedly. Perhaps it is the icing to cake ratio that I adore so much? I am not exactly certain as to why, but all I know is that I love cupcakes more than an average person should.
So, I am on the search for the perfect cupcake.
This quest came about as a joke between my husband Brendyn and I. We spontaneously took a very short road trip around Perth a few weekends ago, including a trip to Sherbet Bake Shop and Cafe, in Maylands, Western Australia. While enjoying my raspberry cupcake over a cup of coffee, we discussed our future travel plans - fingers crossed to Europe in 2012 – and I joked about wanting to visit as many cupcake bakeries as possible and blogging about my cupcake experiences. We laughed it off as just another random thought of mine, and left it at that – or so my dear husband thought!
Not only do I love eating cupcakes, I also enjoying making cupcakes. Ok, that is a lie, I don’t really like making cupcakes - I enjoy decorating cupcakes! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the baking process, I just much prefer spending my time getting the icing right and finishing off each cupcake with a cute topper. That is where my passion truly lies.
Recently, I have found my fascination for cupcakes has grown exponentially. I have been baking at least once a week, reading blogs, reviewing cupcakes businesses; you could say I have become somewhat obsessed. And for all of you who do know me, I am an extremist. If I love something, it consumes my every thought, and in this situation, every taste bud!
So I have decided to blog about my baking obsessions, as well as my search for the perfect cupcake both here in Perth, and abroad. Visiting cafes on my cupcake travels may be a costly affair, so during my quest I will continue to bake to keep myself preoccupied, and will share photos of the results.
Happy reading!


  1. Best of luck, sis! Looking forward to reading about your quest. Love your cupcakes!

  2. Thanks Gina! Appreciate all the support.