Thursday, 14 July 2011

My weekend of alternatism! (FYI grammar fanatics – I know alternatism is not a word)

I am so main stream it is crazy! And you know what? I love being a straight lace, main stream, top 40, pop music, Glee loving gal. Not I have anything against alternative people or people who like alternative things. I am just not alternative. Does that make me bland? Well I have been called bland in the past, so probably. I am bland, proud of it and love it! 

I may be bland, but I have ventured out to the alternative side once or twice. This bland girl has seen and been places! For instance, many weekends ago Brendyn and I caught up with a high school friend of his and his lovely girlfriend, Michelle, in Northbridge. So why was this so adventurous?! Please read on.

Michelle and I left the boys at the Brass Monkey (a pub) and we went to try cupcakes from Kustom Cupcakes. We ordered a vanilla cupcake and a chocolate cookie dough cupcake to share. 

The vanilla cupcake was, I hate to say it, but 'nice'. Nothing out of this world, but nothing horrible either. From my notes, I don't really have much to say with respect to its taste. Obviously, it didn’t rock my world and make me question my existence. It was decorated with blue butter cream icing and a Walt Disney Princess ring on the top. I am little funny with using colouring in icing. Unless the person I am baking for specifically asks for a particular colour icing, I tend to go au naturale! Why add colour unnecessarily?  Although I did appreciate the Princess Jasmine ring as a memento, in my opinion, nothing finishes a cupcake like an edible topper.

Now, the chocolate cookie dough cupcake was more my style. A little different than the average cupcake – same, same, but different. In the middle of the chocolate cupcake was a small ball of uncooked cookie dough! The chocolate cupcake itself was quite tasty and the cookie dough was a nice touch. I am assuming the butter icing was the same icing that was on the vanilla cupcake minus the blue colouring. The cupcake was topped off with a cookies and cream chocolate. Quite enjoyable.  

You are probably thinking that this day is still pretty straight lace. Well I assure you, it wasn't. We met up with the boys and ended up watching a few live bands play (something I rarely do). FYI - the bands were not mainstream, definitely more alternative than mainstream! They were so alternative, I couldn’t even hear the lyrics of their songs. After a while, Michelle wanting to expand my alternative horizons took me to a store that sold Burlesque clothing! Some of the items were really cute, but some were also a little risqué for little old bland me. 

What an alternative adventure. Well, as alternative as I will ever be! 

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